antibody - antibodies antibody cancer cell custom monoclonal

antibody - antibodies antibody cancer cell custom monoclonal

www.advimmuno.comAdvanced Immunochemical - Welcomewww.affitech.comAffitech - Affinity Technology Laboratorieswww.biopharma.comBiopharmaceuticals in the U.S. and European Markets, 4th editionwww.mediprotrans.deProtrans - Medizinische Diagnostische Produkte GmbHwww.quadfive.comQuad 5 Animal diagnostic blood productswww.rockland-inc.comGet any signal transduction antibody, GFP and GST epitope...www.sli-ltd.comSera Laboratories International - Sera Laboratories Holdings Limitedwww.abgenix.comAbgenix - Delivering on the Promise of Antibodieswww.antigenics.comQS-21 immune adjuvantwww.alexionpharm.comAlexion Pharmaceuticalswww.biosource.comBiosource International: Biomedical Research Tools, including...www.cambridgeantibody.comCambridge Antibody Technology - CATwww.cancervax.comCancerVax Corporation: Product Pipeline: Anti-Angiogenesis:...www.crucell.comCrucell: Antibody Technologywww.gtc-bio.comTransgenic production of pharmaceutical proteins and monoclonal...www.immucell.comCalf scours, First Defense, scours, bovine coronavirus,...www.medarex.comMedarex, Inc.www.baxter.comBaxter U.S. - Antibody Lab Supplies, Biologicals, Reagents for Researchwww.covance.comAntibody Development Services at Covance: Overviewwww.gene.comHerceptin - Metastatic Breast Cancer treatmentwww.seattlegenetics.comSeattle Genetics - mAb therapies for cancerwww.nabi.comNabi Biopharmaceuticals - Pipeline of biopharmaceutical products.www.ljpc.comLa Jolla Pharmaceutical Companywww.inhibitex.comInhibitexwww.embrex.comEmbrex Inc.www.cytogen.comProstascint is the first and only FDA approved, reliable...www.progenics.comWelcome - Progenics Pharmaceuticals, Inc.www.portable-medical-lab.comFluorescence Microscopy with the FluoreslenSwww.mgbiologics.comMg Biologicswww.ibc-lifesci.comVaccines 2005www.chiroscience.comCelltechwww.alicon.chalicon AG - breakthrough products setting a new standard...

Advanced Immunochemical - Welcomewww.advimmuno.comAdvanced ImmunoChemical, Inc. provides top quality monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies, antigens, enzymes, kinases and purified proteins to the research and medical diagnostic marketplace.

Affitech - Affinity Technology Laboratorieswww.affitech.comAffitech is a world leader in the construction of human antibodies, using in vitro display and screening technology. We are your ideal partner for therapeutic and diagnostic recombinant antibodies.

Biopharmaceuticals in the U.S. and European Markets, 4th editionwww.biopharma.combiologics vaccines monoclonal antibodies FDA technology transfer patents licensing licenses competitive intelligence nomenclature biogenerics biosimilars biocomparables generic generics drug BIOPHARM

Protrans - Medizinische Diagnostische Produkte GmbHwww.mediprotrans.deHLA, hla, dna, DNA, dns, DNS, SBT, SSP, extraction, platelet, antigens, antibody, purification, protrans, medizinische diagnostische produkte gmbh, molecular diagnostics, transplantation immunology

Quad 5 Animal diagnostic blood productswww.quadfive.comQuad Five is an OEM company producing sterile donor animal blood, sera and purified antibodies. Onsite facilities provide GMP process from animal testing and blood collection through processing, packaging and release.

Get any signal transduction antibody, GFP and GST epitope...www.rockland-inc.comAny signal transduction antibodies you need: monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies, secondary antibody conjugates, epitope tags, GFP and GST epitope antibodies, AKT signaling and ATM antibodies, NFkB and phospho specific antibodies, ubiquitin, and custom antibody production from Rockland Immunochemicals. Click to view complete catalog.

Sera Laboratories International - Sera Laboratories Internationalwww.sli-ltd.comSera Laboratories Internationa: the serum and antibody specialists. Suppliers of a wide range of sera, antibodies and biomedical laboratory products.

Virax Holdings biopharmaceutical, development company in immunotherapeutics for autoimmune diseases, AIDS, cancers, infectious diseases based on patented Co-X-Gene platform technology co-expressing antibodies and T cells.

Abgenix - Delivering on the Promise of

QS-21 immune adjuvantwww.antigenics.comThe QS-21 family of adjuvants increases the immunogenicity of vaccines by stimulating both antibody and cellular immune response to various vaccine antigens.

Alexion Pharmaceuticalswww.alexionpharm.comAlexion Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is an acute care and specialty biopharmaceutical company engaged in the development and commercialization of innovative drugs that addresses unmet needs in acute cardiovascular and chronic autoimmune disease areas. Our lead program consists of two monoclonal antibody drugs, pexelizumab in for CABG-CPB and AMI indications, and eculizumab for rheumatoid arthritis, membranous nephritis, dermatomyositis and paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria. We have discovery programs in immunotherapeutics and oncology.

Biosource International: Biomedical Research Tools, including...www.biosource.comBiosource International provides biomedical researchers with tools and basic materials used in signal transduction, immunology, and cell biology. Cytokines, growth factors, monoclonal, polyclonal, antibodies, chemokines,betaAmyloid, Tau, recombinant proteins, immunoassays, ELISA, EIA,apoptosis, cellcycle, signal transduction, phosphorylation, serum, media,cell culture, interleukin,interferon, secondary antibodies, oligo, customoligo, dna, custom peptide,custom antibodies, custom reagents,tagoimmunologicals, Tago, primers, quantitative PCR,Intracellular staining,mouse cytokines, rat cytokines, human cytokines,swine cytokines, primatecytokines, cell surface antigens, CD markers

Cambridge Antibody Technology -

CancerVax Corporation: Product Pipeline: Anti-Angiogenesis:...www.cancervax.comCancerVax is a biotechnology company focused on research, development, and commercialization of novel products for treatment and control of cancer.

Transgenic production of pharmaceutical proteins and

Calf scours, First Defense, scours, bovine coronavirus,...www.immucell.comImmuCell is on the forefront of scours prevention technology, manufacturing and marketing First Defense, the most popular and convenient scours prevention administered to calves.

Medarex, Inc.www.medarex.comMedarex, the antibody Technology Company, develops human antibody therapies and treatments for cancer and other life-threatening and debilitating diseases.

Baxter U.S. - Antibody Therapywww.baxter.comN/A

BD Lab Supplies, Biologicals, Reagents for products for researchers include laboratory supplies and molecular and cell biology products such as antibodies, reagents, culture media. BD brands include Clontech, BBL, Difco, FACS, Pharmingen, Falcon, BioCoat, Gentest [tm].

Antibody Development Services at Covance: Overviewwww.covance.comCovance offers custom antibody development services and a full line of innovative antibody products for the research community.

Herceptin - Metastatic Breast Cancer treatmentwww.gene.comHerceptin is the approved antibody for the treatment of metastatic breast cancer for patients whose tumors overexpress the HER2 protein and who have not received chemotherapy.

Seattle Genetics - mAb therapies for cancerwww.seattlegenetics.coma biotechnology company focused on enhancing the survival of cancer patients through monoclonal antibody-based therapeutics

Nabi Biopharmaceuticals - Pipeline of biopharmaceutical products.www.nabi.comNabi Biopharmaceuticals has a deep pipeline of biopharmaceutical products under development. These research and development pipeline products consist of several novel vaccines and antibody-based therapies in various stages of development to prevent and treat infectious, autoimmune and addictive diseases.

La Jolla Pharmaceutical Companywww.ljpc.comInformation on lupus disease including a current clinical drug trial to test LJP 394, a novel therapeutic compound for systemic lupus erythematosus. Also, find information on a new compound to treat antibody-mediated stroke.

Inhibitexwww.inhibitex.comPrevention, Treatment, Biopharmaceutical, antibody, Antibodies, Bacteria, Fungal, Infections, Staphylococcal, Staph, Staph Infections, S.aureus, Pipeline, Premature Babies, Premature Infants, Inhibitex, Biotech, Biotechnology, Biopharmaceutical

Embrex Inc.www.embrex.comThe world''s leading provider of in ovo (in-the-egg) products to the global poultry industry, developers of the INOVOJECT® system

Prostascint is the first and only FDA approved, reliable...www.cytogen.comInformation for healthcare professionals about prostascint, a reliable, noninvasive test used to image the location and extent of prostate cancer.

Welcome - Progenics Pharmaceuticals,

Fluorescence Microscopy with the FluoreslenSwww.portable-medical-lab.comThe FluoreslenS converts standard compound light microscopes into fluorescence microscopes. By attaching the FluoreslenS, standard microscopes can be used for a variety of fluorescence microscopy tests and examinations.

Mg Biologicswww.mgbiologics.comMG Biologics is a producer and distributor of Equine Plasma and USDA Approved Equine IGG.

Celltechwww.chiroscience.comantibody, therapeutic antibodies, human antibodies, humanised antibodies, antibody engineering, licensing, integrins, gpcr, gprotein coupled receptors, gene therapy, gene delivery, t bodies

alicon AG - breakthrough products setting a new standard...www.alicon.chalicon AG – breakthrough products setting a new standard in TSE diagnostics and prion filtration

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