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Flippen Health, LLC

You’ve tried just about everything when it comes to getting in shape. When your optimal weight or fitness goal always seems just beyond your reach, you need more than a plan – you need a PLATFORM. The Body By Vi™ Challenge is a proven platform with a culture committed to helping fellow challengers reach their goals,15 million documented pounds lost, countless health, fitness and active challenge transformation testimonies, and passionate promoters, all of which fuel this lifestyle and movement.

Flippen Health, LLC is your solution for your Body By Vi™ Challenge needs.
With almost 3 years of experience sharing the challenge, Stephen & Kate Flippen have committed themselves to helping their customers and team members reach their physical goals, learning everything they can about the products and how to maximize results, as well as other helpful challenge and health tips. They are committed to customer satisfaction and often take on the role of coach and accountability partner for their customers and team members. The challenge has transformed Stephen & Kate''s lives and they are very passionate about sharing the physical and financial transformations that the Body By Vi Challenge has blessed them with.

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