I Lost 48 Pounds Of Ugly Fat With Free Products That

I lost 48lbs with these "bulge" busting (FREE) products

My name is Justin Harris, and I feel compelled to share my weight loss

journey with you. I had been heavier than most people my entire life, but when I

started college last year, the pounds started packing on. Then I happened upon a

system that helped me rid my belly bulge and before I knew it - I had lost 48

pounds of ugly fat. I am sharing my story because I know there are other guys in

my same situation who have let their weight get out of hand, and I think they

can be helped too, just like I was.

How I Ballooned Up To 260 Pounds

Yep, that was me at my heaviest and right before my life changed when I

started using Acai Berry Power 500 and Total Cleanse.

Like I already mentioned, I have been heavier than most guys for as long as I

could remember, but high school sports like football and basketball usually kept

me down to a reasonable 180-190 pounds. I used to get exercise everyday, but

when I went away to college - things changed. Late night study sessions fueled

by soda, chips, dips, and other snacks became the norm. So did takeout food. It

seemed that I never had anytime for anything but my school work, and my

part-time job answering phones in one of the administrative offices. There was

no time for exercise. I have never been a lazy person, but it seems that I was

just too busy to do anything but eat, sleep, and work.

Needless to say, after a couple of semesters, I had ballooned up from around

185 pounds to a staggering 260 pounds. With my height, the weight looked

ridiculous on me. For the first time in my life, I went from being popular with

the girls to never getting a second look. That just made me eat more. I was

I started dieting after gaining the first thirty pounds or so. I was so

determined to get rid of my fat stomach. I tried the most popular diets that I

would hear girls around campus talking about - the first was Atkins. I lasted on

the Atkins plan about two weeks - I just couldn''t handle not having my pasta and

bread. I took supplements that I saw advertised on television, such as Trim Spa

and others, but they just made me feel nervous and edgy. Needless to say,

nothing worked, and I just kept getting bigger and bigger. While shaving each

morning, I would look at my fat face and wondered why I had let myself get this

So I gave up and resolved myself to a life of fat clothes and desperate,

unattractive women. My life became an endless cycle of sleep, wake, study, work,

and eat - with special attention paid to eating. I no longer cared about going

out with my friends to ballgames that we once enjoyed so much, or parties around

campus that I always pictured as being where I would spend a lot of my time on

campus. I had settled in one afternoon with a huge bag of Cheetos and a Pepsi to

watch some television, and while channel-surfing, happened upon an Oprah show

that would change my life forever.

I Never Dreamed Daytime TV Would Change My Life

Dr. Oz came on a segment of the Oprah show and started talking about a new

superfood called Acai (pronounced "ah-sa-ee") berry. Dr. Oz claimed that Acai

berry is more powerful than red wine and pomegranate but had the amazing benefit

of reducing hunger while increasing energy levels. My mother is a die-hard

Oprah fan, and something told me that Oprah wouldn''t allow any snake oil

salesmen to promote weight loss on her show - this guy had to be legit. I

thought that I might try it but was a bit skeptical. I had already tried so many

supplements before, and none of them worked although all claimed to have the

special magic ingredient that would turn flab to fab. The next day, I was

watching yet another daytime talk show when I saw Dr. Oz again - this time

talking about cleansing the colon to lose unsightly weight. What he was saying

was that we have lots of gross and nasty stuff hanging out in our colons that

could have been trapped there for years, and that lots of toxins thrives in this

intestinal garbage. This backup in your colon''s "plumbing" can actually add

inches to your waistline. Dr. Oz said getting rid of this sludge, which looks

like slimy tar, can help you lose weight that dieting and exercising cannot

removed. I became immediately interested. This guy seemed to have all the

answers to getting rid of my ugly fat, and maybe I would gain some much-needed

energy along the way. My saving grace would be trying both of the methods that

Dr. Oz recommended. If just one of these products can do half of what Dr. Oz

claims they can do, then just imagine what the two combined can do, I thought.

I think back to the days when I began using Acai Berry Power 500 and Total Cleanse, and wish that I had only known about them

before. I happened across a free trial with both of these products, which

really appealed to that little voice in the back of my head that was causing me

to be a bit skeptical. These two ingredients became my weapons when I decided to

wage war against the ugly fat that was starting to hold me back in life.

I developed a routine that I still use today, and boy did the weight come

off. I have since seen networks like CNN cover the health benefits of Acai and

also colon cleansing in general (although combining the two is the secret of my

success). My routine is pretty straight forward.

Step one is my Acai Berry Power 500, which has been the most important

part of my routine. Acai Berry Power 500 and Total Cleanse helps me:

Suppress my hunger during the day

Boost my energy so I could focus on life (beyond work and school) and get

Lose several pounds from my body by replacing coffee and soda (and keep my

teeth whiter for smiling at the ladies).

The best part is that I got a free 30-day trial of Acai Berry Power 500 and I simply love the fact that I can

take the Acai and go on with my activities without worry.

Total Cleanse is the second important step in my routine.

While Acai Berry Power 500 gives me energy and helps suppress my

Removes the harmful toxins in my body

Removes walls of aged sludge in my colon

Helped me lose several inches off my waist that exercise couldn''t

Helped reduce my blood pressure and cholesterol levels

I got a free bottle of Total Cleanse and I take 1 pill in the morning and 1 in the

evening when I take my Acai. They are the perfect weight-loss combination,

helping me shed ugly flab and cleanse my system of harmful waste build up.

The Results Of My Diet Routine

During my trial period I lost 26 lbs! I continued using both products and

lost another 22 lbs. (That''s a total of 48 lbs in 3 months!) I am now down to

212 lbs and I''m just 32 lbs away from being what I weighed when I was playing

high school football just a year and a half ago.

I feel amazing lately, like I am on top of the world. My friends are

glad to have the old me back, full of energy and ready to party. No more sulking

around with a box of Twinkies while everyone else is having the time of their

I hope my story provides at least some motivation to help you lose weight.

Just don''t give up, because loosing weight really will change your life in ways

you never imagined. When I was at my heaviest, I felt like my life was over when

in all reality it should have just been beginning. I am so glad I was able to

lose the weight I have lost so far, and I am confident that I will reach my goal

before the end of the semester. The sky really is the limit when you have the

self-confidence to get out and live your dreams instead of hiding behind a suit

of fat. Loosing this weight feels better than being a quarterback in the Super

I really recommend this method to anyone who has come to hate being in their

own skin. Being fat can be one of the most devastating things to your ego, but

getting rid of it is easy with this system, especially when you can try it

out for free with the free trial.

Get Out Of Your Diet Rut And Lose Ugly Fat Now

For maximum results, I recommend that you get both products, Acai Berry Power 500 and Total Cleanse. The free trial has a full money-back

guaranteed. The only thing I paid for was the shipping which was less than $5.00

each. Believe me, the results you will achieve are worth much, much more.

Free Bottle of Acai Berry Power 500

Dude, you are looking great. Love the page, and love the new look. Call me.

Justin, I am inspired by your weight loss and I just ordered my free trial

products. I will keep you posted. Thanks.

I have been hearing good things from others about Acai. Must be destined

for me to try this. Thanks.

How fast do they send this out when you order it?

@Jayden, not long. I think it was about a week for both.

Just found this site and wanted to say I have tried Acai and lost nearly

forty pounds. Kudos to you, Justin, keep up the good work, looking good!

Your secret is no longer safe, I just ordered my free trial.

My girlfriend tried this and lost 20 pounds in less than two months. Good

@Erin, I''m glad to let this secret out.

I am a little older than you Justin, but this diet seems like it''s my pace -

since I can''t exercise much. Thanks for inspiring me to regain my former good

I think my husband would like this. He''s been looking to shed a few pounds

and increase his energy. Thanks, I just ordered both trials.

Justin, if you can do it, so can I. I just ordered both.

My girlfriend and I are trying this together, we ordered it less than a

week ago and got it today. Thanks for your insight.

Thanks for sharing your story Justin. I just ordered my free trials and can''t

wait to get started busting this gut.

Man, that''s some nasty stuff in our colons. I just ordered mine and can''t

wait to get this gross slime out of my colon. Yuck.

About Justin HarrisMy name is Justin Harris, and I am a busy

college student. I have lost 48 pounds so far using a diet method that I

developed while watching daytime television. Read my story and find out how to

lose unsightly fat and bulge in no time flat.

After learning about these two miracle products while watching Oprah and

other daytime television talk shows, I have learned that lots of celebrities use

the same products to take off ugly fat fast, just like I lost 48 pounds of nasty

Here are some of the celebrities I found out that are using my method:

Acai Berry on CBS News:Food For Your Heart! "Acai berries are among the most

nutritious foods of the Amazon, rich in B vitamins, minerals, fiber, protein and

omega-3 fatty acids. Acai berries also contain oleic acid (omega-9), a

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